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Child counselling

(ages 2 - 12)

Counselling can help children who are experiencing the following difficulties:


-Social, emotional, and behavioural challenges. 






-Divorce related. 


-Social skills & emotional regulation (ADHD & ASD inclusive).

Adult counselling

For individuals seeking support with the below stressors and wanting to improve their quality of life: 




-Divorce related.



sibling counselling

Counselling can assist siblings with their communication style, understanding each other's intension(s), understanding their own emotions, becoming aware of their triggers, learn how to handle conflict, steer away from belittling each other, and more.


Sibling counselling also assist children who are blending into new families. We work through each child's emotions, challenges, the role they (and each family member) play in their home, etc.

career guidance

Career guidance/counselling can assist individuals who feel unsure about their career and future, as well as individuals seeking guidance with interview processes.


Counselling can assist:


-When you need to refocus on your career or reconsider your career.


-When you want to meet higher career goals.


-When you seek to improve your CV.


-To prepare for interviews.

parenting /


For parent(s) who seek to strengthen their bond with their child (ages 0-12). Helping parents and children improve their connection, communication, and relationship.


Co-parenting involves collaboration and is the process of raising children together. Assisting parents with their communication skills, dividing duties and responsibilities, discussing discipline and house rules, and more. These sessions can empower parents who are married or divorced.

parenting plans

I assist parents with parenting plans for divorce and mediation purposes. 


Parenting plans:


-A parenting plan is an agreement between the parents. (They jointly decide on their children's future.)


-The Children's Act 38 of 2005 is followed by all parties involved.


-The parents set clear boundaries for co-parenting.


-The Voice of the Child (section 10 of the Children's Act 38 of 2005) will be shared by the younger ones. 

More information about child counselling:


I assist children with emotional, behavioural and social challenges by using counselling techniques and play therapy methods. My main focus is to understand the child’s experience and perspective by using a person-centred approach.


Through counselling, children can learn to communicate with others, express their feelings, develop problem-solving skills, and adapt their behaviour.


When children experience personal issues, they tend to internalise it. As their inner conflict builds up, they may act out, withdraw, or engage in inappropriate behaviour.